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Bolted Mechanical fittings, Standard®
Reducing Coupling, Standard® Series
Reducing Coupling, Standard® Series
Type: Bolted Mechanical fittings, Standard®
Name: Reducing Coupling, Standard® Series
  Reducing Coupling                                  Plain End to Plain End


Main Dimensions:                                                                                           Unit:mm

Size Pipe O.D.1 Pipe O.D.2 Coupling Overall  Weight
80X65 93.1 89 80.3 76 182 168 168 207 4.2
100X65 118.3 114 80.3 76 219 168 208 236 6.3
100X80 118.3 114 93.1 89 219 182 220 241 7.7
Size Body Setting Gap Bolts-Large Side Bolts-Small Side
L t Min Max n- M  x L n- M  x L
80X65 110 5 8 37 3-M18x76 3-M18x76
100X65 142 6 8 64 3-M18x76 3-M18x76
100X80 150 6 10 67 3-M18x76 3-M18x76

*   JWWA K 132:  Polyethylene Powder-Coated Steel Pipe for Water Supply.

**  JIS K 6742:  Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes for water supply  or other Imperial pipes including PVC pipe, PE Pipe, ABS pipe and Steel pipe.

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