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Bolted Mechanical fittings, SteelLock®
Reducing Coupling, SteelLock® Series
Reducing Coupling, SteelLock® Series
Type: Bolted Mechanical fittings, SteelLock®
Name: Reducing Coupling, SteelLock® Series
  Reducing Coupling                                                    Plain End to Plain End


Main Dimensions:                                                                                                     Unit:mm

Size Pipe O.D.HIVP*) Fitting Overall  Body Weight
Large Small A1 A2 B C L   t   Kg
80X65 89 76 182 168 162 207 110 5 5.2
100X65 114 76 219 168 199 236 142 6 7.5
100X80 114 89 219 182 211 241 150 6 7.9
Size Setting Gap Bolts-Large Side Bolts-Small Side
Min Max n- M  x L n- M  x L
80X65 8 37 3-M18x76 3-M18x76
100X65 8 64 3-M18x76 3-M18x76
100X80 9 67 3-M18x76 3-M18x76

**  JIS K 6742:  Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes for water supply  or other Imperial pipes including PVC pipe, PE Pipe, ABS pipe and Steel pipe.

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