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Bolted Mechanical fittings, SteelLock®
Features and Benefit, SteelLock® Series
Features and Benefit, SteelLock® Series
Type: Bolted Mechanical fittings, SteelLock®
Name: Features and Benefit, SteelLock® Series

The SteelLock® series of Bolted Mechanical Fittings are designed for Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pipes for water supply with ductile iron lock rings that anchor into the pipe end to supply strong axial restraint,thus preventing pipe pull-out.

The SteelLock® series of Bolted Mechanical Fittings can be also used with other Imperial pipes including PE pipe, ABS Pipe and Steel Pipe.

Available in sizes from DN 65 to DN 200 for all kinds of fittings including Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Elbows, Tees,Flange Tees and Caps etc. supplying complete solutions for connection:

  -- Plain End to Plain End

  -- Plain End to Female PT Thread

  -- Plain End to Female PT Thread

with working pressure 1.0 Mpa / 1.6 Mpa for water and 0.4 MPA for gas. 

Features and Benefit:

■ End Load Bearing

   The SteelLock® series of Mechanical Fittings are designed with fully machined Lock Rings made of ductile iron to bear End load according to Type 2 performance requirements of the UK Water Industry Specification WIS- 24-01.

■ Fast and easy piping work

   Bolted Mechanical Fittings are designed for a wide variety of plain-ended pipes connection, no more need on-site threading or welding, just push on the pipe and tighten the short T-bolts, the fittings will form an effective permanent leak tight joint.

   Piping work in narrow corners and in all weathers is possible now by using Bolted Mechanical Fittings .

■ Full protection and high reliability

   Inside and outside surfaces of the body and End Rings are Epoxy Powder Coated. 

   The Lock rings, T-bolts and Nuts are Cathode electrophoresis coated, elastomeric gaskets are made of the best materials available for the duty to supply high reliability.

   The SteelLock® series of Bolted Mechanical Fittings made of ductile cast iron are designed to last the life of the pipeline in all weather conditions including cold region.

■ Setting Angularity allowed

    The SteelLock® series of Bolted Mechanical Fittings are designed to allow upto 6° Setting Angularity. 

    The joint flexibility make long curve pipeline connection possible without special bends and allows piping work on rough or uneven terrain even in condition of ground settlement.

■ Silent and safe fluid handling

    Gap at pipe ends and elatomeric gaskets can isolate and absorb noise and vibration caused by turbulent flow. 

    Mechanical Fittings can be used as Unions to supply extra convenience when removing pipes for maitanance or retation of pipe section for cleaning or wear reduction.

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