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Surface Box and Manhole Covers
Surface Box  with locking system
Surface Box  with locking system
Type: Surface Box and Manhole Covers
Name: Surface Box with locking system

                                                                          Features and Benefit:

                                                                           ■ Self-Centering Locking System

   Cover can be automatically locked with the

   frame by a self-Centering resiliency device.

■ Removable Hanging System

   Cover removable in vertical position.

■ Cushioning Inset

   Interference fited into groove in frame to avoid

   vibration and noisy in case of vehicular traffic.

■ Inner cover with Pipe Size Indicator

   With a yellow arrow to indicate Pipe Size under

   the box while inner cover supply protection

   from frost of valves and/or meters.

                                       Cussion Insert                      Inner Cover     

Characters according to BS 5834-2
  Designation Clear Opening Depth of Frame Guard Bedding Area Grade Type
150BN 150mm 200mm HIVP Pipe DN150 or Pipe with Inner Dia. Φ150, Outside Dia. not exceed Φ175 44,500 mm2  B  Wheel load upto 5 Tons Vehicles occasional access  N  Non-Rock Double Triangular suspension 

Parts and Material

Frame and Covers: 

Ductile Cast Iron to BS EN 1563 Grade GJS450-10

Chain for Connection with Cover & Inner Cover

Stainless Steel to BS 970 Grade 304S31

Cussion Insert

PE to BS EN 1563 Grade GJS450-10

Arrow Indicator

PA6 to BS EN 1563 Grade GJS450-10

● Option                                                               Coating

A. Cover by Powder Coating of Polyester Resin   Frame and Cover: Cold applied black alkyd paint 

   with UV resistance feature.                                or bitumen solution to BS 3416: Type 1

B. RFID system to identify pipeline and user's      Color Marking: Cold applied Polyester Resin with

   information by a smart phone.                            UV resistance feature.

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