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Flow Chart of Human resources Process
Flow Chart of Human resources Process
Type: Resource management
Name: Flow Chart of Human resources Process

Planning for HR process controls must include determining - competency criteria; skills evaluation; identification of training needs; types of training; provision of training; how training effectiveness is evaluated; methods to communicate awareness of the importance of quality requirements and meeting quality objectives, to all employees.

Although training may end up being the best solution, don’t overlook other actions, such as, changing processes, improving procedures, rotating jobs, outsourcing, or recruiting fully training people.

Criteria for competency must be developed based on appropriate education,skills, training and experience for activities, tasks, functions and processes.The level and detail of such qualifications, skills, training and experience will depend upon the complexity of product, process, technology and customer and regulatory requirements.
Rockpower use a “Skills Matrix” tool used to determine and manage the competency levels required by different activities and functions in our HR management procedure. 

Organizations undergo significant changes through growth or decline, acquisitions, new technology and new products and processes,Also, many organizations are now outsourcing their production labor to save on payroll costs and benefits. Labor related nonconformities can easily arise in such cases. Planning for our HR process will ensure that contract and agency personnel performing work affecting product quality have adequate competency and training. Appropriate records must be kept of such training.

Quality awareness must be focused on meeting customer and regulatory requirements. The process to promote quality awareness include the use of methods such as - cross-functional teams; involvement in quality planning;quality circles; improvement suggestions; product workshops; zero defect programs, product review checklist; etc.

QMS personnel must be motivated to achieve the organizations quality objectives. The process to motivate employees include the use of methods such as - employee recognition awards; ongoing training programs; performance reviews, employee surveys; poster campaigns  etc. 

Rockpower determine and keep appropriate records of education; training; skills and experience. These records must demonstrate the effective operation of HR process controls.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the HR process in determining competency and training needs of the workforce include - employee turnover; employee complaints; number of instances unqualified personnel were found performing QMS activity; number of instances competency criteria were not met; and number of instances no training or competency records maintained etc.

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