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Flow Chart of Control of production and service provision Process
Flow Chart of Control of production and service provision Process
Type: Product realization
Name: Flow Chart of Control of production and service provision Process

Rockpower identify and control all production processes as per clause 4.1; 7.l and 7.5 of ISO9001 and show the interaction of these processes with other processes. 

Rockpower schedule our production taking into consideration customer delivery requirements; production capacity and capability; material availability and usage; personnel availability and usage;storage; etc. by using Annual Production Plan, Monthly Production Plan and Everyday Production Plan.

The interaction of our production scheduling process with our logistics processes such as inventory management; customer communication; traffic and shipping control; packaging and labeling; sales and billing are defined by documents.

Rockpower use quality plans to control our production processes. Quality plans address what has to be made; how much has to be made; when it has to be made; by whom; in what sequence; how it has to be made; what production equipment to use; what measurement and monitoring tools to use ; what to inspect; when to inspect; how much to inspect; what to do if problems arise, etc.

Work instructions may be viewed as a subset of our quality plan and relate to a specific task or activity of our overall product realization process (e.g. setting up a machine; performing an inspection;packaging a product).

A flow chart to link the flow and interaction of the activities and sub-processes is used to improve our QMS in Rockpower.

Rockpower’s quality plan cover all production process steps from - receipt of materials, production, packaging, storage,delivery and even post-delivery activities such as installation or training.

Our quality plans are dynamic and must be updated for the changes in product specifications or process parameters; resources used; monitoring or measurement requirements, etc. Our quality plans reference any work instructions specified for the process steps. 

Production personnel must have timely access to all information relevant to their activities including specific work instructions if necessary as there may be serious risk to production flow, if such information is unavailable or untimely.

Rockpower have a  ‘documented’ procedure to identify and document all processes addressing the clause of ISO9001 as part of our QMS. For these processes,Rockpower also identify what specific documents are needed for effective planning, operation and control of production activities. These documents include - a product quality plan; work instructions; documented procedure; etc., combined with unwritten practices, procedures and methods.

Performance indicators (to measure the effectiveness of production processes in meeting requirements and achieving quality objectives) should focus on reducing variation in and improving production processes and related use of resources.

Rockpower’s product related indicators include -reduction in defect rates, PPM’s (defective parts per million), scrap rates,waste and rework; improvement in on time delivery. Rockpower’s production process related indicators include - reduction in set-up time; run rates;process cycle time; production scheduling and operator errors and omissions;etc.

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