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Flow Chart of Marketing Process
Flow Chart of Marketing Process
Type: Product realization
Name: Flow Chart of Marketing Process

Marketing processes include controls for determining customer and regulatory requirements; a review of such requirements; and communication with the customer. Rockpower’s Marketing Procedure includes the inputs from customers and potential customers stating their requirements - documented or undocumented. Any response to information requests or customer request for quotation or a Purchase Order, that creates a commitment will be reviewed in terms of capacity and capability to meet the customer’s requirements, needs to be reviewed before that commitment is made or alternately ensure that we can later organize those resources to meet that commitment.

Customer requirements extend beyond product specifications and may include on-time delivery; packaging;labeling, mode of delivery, documentation, communications, QMS requirements,after sales servicing, onsite installation, warranty service, etc. Many of these requirements may also come from regulatory, industry or from within our own company.

Depending on the product or service, Rockpower determine if any industry or regulatory requirement is applicable on product characteristics or process parameters that affect the product’s safety or compliance with regulatory requirements.  Rockpower consider all laws and regulatory requirements that may affect our product, materials, labor, production processes, our facility and work environment, etc.

Rockpower ensure to show the linkages and interaction of the offsite activities with our on-site QMS processes where some or all of the processes - for determining customer requirements; for contract review and customer communication; etc., are done offsite.

The nature of requirements review may be different for different types of product or services. Rockpower’s review records show the basis of review.

Rockpower always make sure that we do our due diligence and risk analysis before we commit to contractual arrangements.Manufacturing risk analysis is an assessment of our company’s capacity and capability to effectively and efficiently provide the customer specified deliverables. 

Rockpower’s risk analysis include timing; resources; development costs and investments;potential for, and effects of, possible failures in processes, including our suppliers together with financial and profitability risk.

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