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Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process
Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process
Type: Measurement,analysis and improvement
Name: Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process

Corrective action is action taken to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity to prevent recurrence, whereas preventive action is action taken to eliminate the cause of a potential nonconformity or other undesirable situation, to prevent occurrence.

Rockpower has  a documented procedure for our corrective action and preventive action process addressing the following control requirements:

Identify detected or potential nonconformities that relate to our - products; QMS processes; resources; suppliers and outsourced work; product shipped to customers; customer complaints; cost of quality reports; and TGR (things gone wrong) reports.

Problem-solving tools using by Rockpower include - analysis of failure mode; capability studies; correlation diagrams; data collection;fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagram); histograms; Pareto analysis; probability charts; stratification of data; graphic representations; etc.

Actions taken to eliminate the cause of nonconformity flow from our problem-solving activity. As actions may involve changes to product, process,resources, documentation, controls, etc or any combination of these, Rockpower conduct follow-up tests to determine whether these actions have indeed eliminated the cause(s) of the nonconformity and prevented recurrence. We keep appropriate records of these actions and follow-up activities.

Rockpower monitor our corrective action records on an ongoing basis, for any recurrence of the nonconformity we took corrective action on and we keep appropriate records of all corrective action steps.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive action process may include reduction in - cycle time for correction actions, problem re-occurrence, open corrective actions, costs; and improvement in QMS productivity.

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