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Flow Chart of Analysis of data Process
Flow Chart of Analysis of data Process
Type: Measurement,analysis and improvement
Name: Flow Chart of Analysis of data Process

By process of Analysis of data, Rockpower collectand analyze QMS data that relate to the effectiveness and efficiency of products; services; QMS processes; production output; supplier performance; use of resources; cost of poor quality; customer satisfaction; etc. We also do year over year trend analysis to determine longer-term progress, identify opportunities for further improvement or prioritize correction action for negative trends.

Our process for data collection and analysis addresses the type of data to be collected; how it should be sorted and classified (TGR and TGW); use of appropriate information systems and data gathering tools and techniques; assignment of responsibility and authority to review and act;competency and training in use of tools and data analysis; that the data is gathered, analyzed and acted upon on a timely basis.

Rockpower compares trends in quality and operational performance against our business plans; competitors and industry benchmarks,where practical. We also focus on key customer-related trends to prioritize prompt solutions to problems; to determine longer-term planning for performance improvement; and to enhance customer satisfaction.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of processes for data collection and analysis include - reduction in cycle time to gather and evaluate data; reduction in inaccurate and incomplete data; increase in improvement opportunities obtained from data analysis; etc.

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