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Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process
Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process
Type: Measurement,analysis and improvement
Name: Flow Chart of Monitoring and measurement of products Process

Rockpower identify, monitor and measure product characteristics to verify conformity to requirements by a Procedure for Monitoring and Measurement of Product.

Product characteristics including dimensional;functional; performance; reliability; durability; maintainability; life; cost;etc. are determined by our procedure of marketing process.

Rockpower use a quality plan to control what product characteristic(s) to measure; type of measurements; what measurement device to use; how often to measure; sample size; acceptance criteria; and records needed - for each product or product type.

Our product, project or contract quality plan will define the stages at which various monitoring and measurement will be carried out - incoming receipt of materials from suppliers or outsourced work; storage;internal production processes; finished product; packaging; at time of shipping; and post installation.

Monitoring and measurement may be done by our personnel, subcontracted or outsourced labor or by the customer. Rockpower ensure that all personnel performing monitoring and measurement of product are trained and competent.

Rockpower ensure that we obtain prior written approval/waiver from a relevant internal authority or the customer , if we plan on releasing (during any stage of production) or shipping finished product, where all planned inspections and measurements to that stage have not been completed.

Performance indicators to measure product conformity include - reduction in defect rates, PPM’s (defective parts per million), scrap rates, waste, rework; improvement in on time delivery (see clause 7.1 a); product returns from customer; etc.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of product realization processes in achieving product conformity include - productivity; reduction of cycle time, errors, omissions and failures; etc.

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