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Flow Chart of Management Review Process
Flow Chart of Management Review Process
Type: Management responsibility
Name: Flow Chart of Management Review Process

The purpose of conducting management reviews of the QMS is to gauge the health of the QMS. The review must determine QMS suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Are the QMS resources and controls that were planned and implemented suitable and adequate for the QMS to be effective in achieving customer and regulatory requirements; and in achieving quality objectives? Are changes needed to improve product, processes and use of resources? 

Rockpower have a process for management review as it has specific requirements for management review inputs, value-adding review activities and outputs. The process address the frequency, schedule, quorum and agenda for review meetings to be attended by top management.

For the management review process itself to be effective, top management must plan the review all agenda items with some regularity and take timely action to change or improve any part of it, including the quality policy and objectives. To avoid problems on frequency and scope of review, an effective way is incorporate QMS agenda items into regular monthly or quarterly operational meetings according to Rockpower’s procedure of management review.

The agenda items in clause 5.6.2 of ISO 9001 will be discussed in detail under various other clauses as they come up. For example most of clause 5.6.2 agenda items come up in clause 8.
Management review input should preferably be in summary form, showing QMS and operational performance measured against the business and quality plans, customer and regulatory objectives and goals.Appropriate actions must result from such reviews.

Review decisions and actions must relate to improving products and processes or even creating new ones; providing more resources or perhaps improving the efficiency of existing resources; improving QMS controls; policies and objectives; and improving overall QMS effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Responsibilities and timelines should accompany these decisions and actions. The performance of these actions must be followed up at subsequent management review meetings.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the management review process could include - achievement of quality objectives and improvement in customer satisfaction rating.

Rockpower have a ‘documented’ procedure of management review although Clause 5.6 of ISO 9001 does not require such a ‘documented’procedure. Rockpower identify and document the management review process as part of our QMS. Rockpower also identify what specific documents are needed for effective planning, operation and control of this process.

Management review records must include topics discussed; decisions; responsibilities for corrective or improvement actions and related timelines; provision of resources; and follow-up actions from previous management reviews.

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