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Qingdao Rockpower International Co., Ltd.

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Valves,Strainers and Meters
Strainer for Water Meter
Strainer for Water Meter
Type: Valves,Strainers and Meters
Name: Strainer for Water Meter

Features and Benefit:

■ Low Pressure Drop

   The same flow area with the Woltmann Meter 

connected after it to assure low pressure drop.

■ Less turbulent flow

   The same flow direction with the Meter to best reduce turbulent flow to the meter.

■ Easy filter replacement

   Filter can be replaced in the same way of meter checking. 

   The strainer even can be installed in one surface box with the water meter.

■ Available for horizontal or vertical position

Parts and Material

 Body and Cover: 

    Ductile Cast Iron to BS EN 1563 Grade GJS450-10

 Filter and Bolts,Nuts:

    Stainless Steel to BS 970 Grade 304S31


     Body and Cover are Epoxy powder coated in WRAS  approved material. 

     Coating thickness:  ≥150μ

Size available: 80A,100A

Pressure Rating: PN10 and PN16

                            150# and 300#

Flange Drilling: PN10 and PN16

                          ANSI B 16.5

                          JIS 10K

Qingdao Rockpower International Co.,  Ltd.  Tel.: (86 532)8592 1910,8592 1920 E-mail: rockson@rockpower.cn
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