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G 466-3 draft "PVC gas pipeline networks - maintenance" Published.
G 466-3 draft  G 466-3 draft "PVC gas pipeline networks - maintenance"

The DVGW Code of Practice G 466-3 applies to the maintenance (including repair and necessary extensions) of active lines of the public gas supply made of PVC-U or rigid PVC with a maximum operating pressure of 1 bar.

PVC was last exhaustively taken into account in DVGW Code of Practice G 472 published in 1988. The DVGW Code of Practice G 472 published in 2000 (and also its redraft of July 2012) exclusively aimed at polyethylene gas lines. This is why by way of a substitute, Gas Information No. 11 "PVC-U gas lines up to 1 bar operating pressure - Repairs and necessary extensions" was published in parallel in 2000.
However, Gas Information No. 11 holds no formal status among the technical rules within the meaning of the DVGW Rules of Procedure GW 100 "Tasks of the DVGW technical bodies and elaboration of the DVGW technical rules", so that the question arises whether affected parties take sufficient notice of it. On the other hand, there are at least still 10,000 km of live PVC gas supply lines (and added to these the connected PVC gas service lines), for which so far no compulsory need for rehabilitation is in evidence.
This apparently uncritical existing pipeline system however requires - as systems consisting of any other material do - routine corrective maintenance work, e.g. during activities in connection with gas service lines. Against this background it was decided to deal with the subject adequately and commensurate with the state of the art in a separate code of practice, thus replacing Gas Information No. 11. At the same time, this code of practice refers as far as universally valid aspects are concerned to the respectively valid DVGW Code of Practice G 472.
The DVGW Code of Practice G 466-3 comments the following aspects:
    -  Personnel
    -  Damage potential, foundation and pipe trench backfilling
    -  Connection, disconnection and joints
    -  Corrosion protection
    -  Pressure test, inspection certificate and commissioning
    The code of practice has been prepared by the Project Group "Plastics in gas and water supply systems" at the instigation of and involving the Technical Committee "Gas Distribution". The Project Group is formally allocated to the Technical Committee "Components in water supply systems ", which is why it is supervised by the DVGW Head Office / Water Department.
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